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multiaxis cad-cam training videosClearwater, Florida – BobCAD-CAM announces the release of their New Training Professor Video package for the v26 MultiAxis Standard version of their CAD-CAM software. The training professor videos are the perfect training product to accompany their CAD-CAM software as users can learn how to use the software right there in the comfort of their own office or outside the office. The MultiAxis training videos are an exceptional value as they cover the 4th and 3+2 MultiAxis machining functionality from beginning to end. Users that use BobCAD-CAM for 4th Axis Indexing and 5 Axis 3+2 CNC programming will learn how to navigate their way through programming these types of parts while using programming wizards, creating the job in the CAM Tree Manager and successfully using the software to create machine toolpath and correct G-Code programs for their CNC machines.

Once again, because the training videos are portable, users have more opportunities to learn the software which is a huge benefit. The new training professor video series includes over 3 1/2 hours of training with step by step video instruction as well as a special digital workbook with tutorials to speed up the learning process for success.

Contact BobCAD-CAM today at 877-262-2231 or 727-442-3554 for more information.

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BobCAD-CAM Releases New MultiAxis Training Videos for Standard CAD-CAM Version
Article Name
BobCAD-CAM Releases New MultiAxis Training Videos for Standard CAD-CAM Version
The New MultiAxis Standard CAD-CAM Training Video Professor Videos are available for BobCAD-CAM customers.


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