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 September 7th, 2017 in Articles

V30 New 2D Milling Webinar Q & A

2D Milling CAD-CAM Q&A

You’re one click away from subscribing to BobCAD’s YouTube channel. Access more webinars like this and much more!   Does where you pick geometry in the selection process control the direction of the cut? At this time, no. To change your direction of cut after you’ve selected your geometry, you’ll either pick the start point…  [Read More]

 September 7th, 2017 in Articles

The New Mill 3 Axis Premium Module in BobCAD-CAM V30

Parallel to Surface CAM function

The release of BobCAD-CAM V30 CAD-CAM software brings strong updates to existing modules as well as the introduction of our Mill 3 Axis Premium module. Purchasing the Mill 3 Axis Premium module means users get access to all of our Mill 3 Axis technology included in Mill Express, Mill 3 Axis Standard and Mill 3…  [Read More]

 September 6th, 2017 in Articles, Case Studies, News

CAD-CAM Helps Florida Manufacturer Make Marine Products Easier

Blackfin Manufacturing CNC Router

Blackfin Manufacturing, LLC manufactures high quality marine products and accessories with BobCAD-CAM. The product line includes fishing tool and tackle box holders, tumbler and cup holders, camera mounts, and outrigger products.

 September 1st, 2017 in Articles, Case Studies

Hall Industrial Models Has Success with BobCAD-CAM

shop pics

There’s no doubt CAD-CAM is the answer to increasing efficiency in the CNC programming environment. But what makes our users successful is not only having a post processor that is set up correctly but the ability to have access to training videos that help them master the software.

 September 1st, 2017 in Articles

What’s New in V30 CAD Webinar Q & A

CAD software V30 Q&A

  You’re one click away from subscribing to BobCAD’s YouTube channel. Access more webinars like this and much more!   What can you do to sharpen the display of geometry? You can change the wireframe and surface/solid display accuracy, or you could toggle on antialiasing.                    …  [Read More]

 August 30th, 2017 in Articles

How CAD-CAM Software Post Processors Impact CNC Machining

CAD-CAM Post Processor

Simply put, CAD-CAM Post Processors are used to generate NC programs that are specific to each individual CNC machine controller. The Post Processor drives the format of the G or M-code that will be produced and ultimately instruct your machine how to create your part. Users can generally create their own Post Processors or have…  [Read More]

 August 29th, 2017 in Articles

Customer Feedback Inspires Lathe Upgrades in BobCAD-CAM V30

Lathe from BobCAD-CAM

Upgrades to Lathe in BobCAD-CAM V30 were implemented with the goal of making our software more powerful, versatile and user-friendly than previous versions. We kept a lot of great things from those previous versions, but customer feedback inspired our newest CAD-CAM software release. Our End Face and Groove features provide users the ability to define…  [Read More]

 August 29th, 2017 in Articles

How CAD-CAM Software Increases Efficiency in CNC Plasma Machines

Plasma Cutting

Every good machinist understands the value of powerful CAD-CAM software that will not only give them their best cuts but also speed up their productivity. Good CAD-CAM software is particularly necessary when operating CNC Plasma machines. The idea for Plasma Cutting was originally developed in the 1950s and rapidly developed to replace a lot of…  [Read More]

 August 25th, 2017 in Articles

The Importance of CAM Software for CNC Machining

Finishing Toolpath

Good CAM software is equally as important to manufacturers as the powerful machines and tools they use to cut desired parts. Machine shops of all sizes and budgets are reaping the benefits of good CAM software beyond efficiently programming their machining jobs. Users can structure their job, set their Toolpath, then use the simulation function…  [Read More]

 August 18th, 2017 in Articles

Machine Simulation in BobCAD-CAM V30

Enhanced Machine Simulation

BobCAD-CAM’s commitment to producing the most powerful and user-friendly CNC software can be seen in their latest enhancements to Machine Simulation. BobCAD-CAM V30 provides advanced CNC Machine Simulation that eliminates costly mistakes before they happen, giving machinists greater insight on their cycle times, keeping them at the top of their game. Program your machine’s exact…  [Read More]

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