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    I tried out my 3D mousse with BobCad and it will hopefully come in handy in the future. Currently the assignment for the shortcut buttons has very limited Bobcad specific functions that are included with the 3D software.
    I found that the view button “t”op actually orients to the bottom. Luckily the buttons can be assigned any number of functions so I tried setting the “t” button to bottom view and it is correct-shows the bottom view.SO I assigned the button a macro and called it “View Top” and mapped “Ctrl-1”, BobCad,s shortcut keys for top view and it worked great.
    Being able to assign shortcut keys(macros) to the buttons make it more useful. I did create a shortcut in Bobcad and assigned a 3D button to that shortcut and it worked fine. So with a little work the buttons can be assigned almost anything BobCad can do.
    It has many functions pre configured for my PTC Creo software (which is why I have the mouse in the first place) and maybe Logitech/BobCad will get together and add lots more functions to the space pilot software.
    I can say that using it with Creo for a few months now has made made me quite a bit faster and I have been using PTC for 15 years now.

    Just thought I would share. Don

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