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Adaptive Roughing: Is High Feed rate available for toolpath links?

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    Hi All,

    I have been dealing with this since adaptive roughing became available and am finally getting around to asking about it.

    The Problem is when I use the adaptive roughing option in the 3 axis Advanced Roughing toolpath the G-code posts OK but the linking feed rate is the same as the cutting feed rate. So I end up with my machine cutting air for long periods of time between actual cuts of material. I have Rapid Retract between large gaps & Retract between groups selected. I made a quick video showing what is happening.(sorry for the quality)

    Is there any way to force the linking paths to the max feed rate of my machine. Like the way volumill does it?


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    Care to be a guinea pig? I needed some help with this post and couldn’t get it (and personally didn’t have the time to finish it) so it is very rough. Watching the Adaptive Roughing toolpath run in the machine is painful. It really does limit my use of what should be a great feature.

    Needless to say if it crashes your machine, sorry about your luck but I have used it numerous times without an “oopsie”. It only works with the 3D Adaptive Rough for now. To get it to work with the 2D pocket with Adaptive is going to take more thought – which is where I stopped working on it.

    If this interests you, please try it and give me some feedback. Just a quick FYI how it works so you don’t get any surprises: It turns the feedrate up 1.5X for the “lift”, and 3X the current feedrate for the “link”. Feedrate is returned to normal when it ramps back down into the part.

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