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Anybody doing any cabinet work in BC?

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    I know BC is not designed to do cabinet work,… but I have to ask if anybody is doing any. For three years I have been earning a living detailing cabinets in CabinetVision, but I got a deal on a 4×8 machine that I’m rebuilding in the barn & would like to think I could crank out a few cabinets. I have done little more than open the software & watch videos so far, and the net provides no evidence, but somebody has had to play with it. Yes?



    I lost touch with Cabinet Vision years ago and cannot address its role in your project. As a stand alone process BobCAD will produce cabinet parts. There is software on the market that takes a more direct and somewhat simpler approach to cabinet type parts than does BobCAD. However, because you currently own BobCAD, I recommend that you give it a thorough try before exploring anything else. I believe your efforts will pay dividends in the future. As you evolve into more complex routing projects BobCAD will move to the forefront and you will begin to appreciate its expanded feature to cost ratio.

    Your prior CAD experience will influence your interaction with BobCAD. I recommend that you table your prior experience and focus directly on the BobCAD protocol. When exploring BobCAD-CAM be mindful that you must complete each step prior to moving on to the next. There are no shortcuts in the early stage of learning the software. If you advance just one step at a time you will find BobCAD to be productive and easy to use.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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