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    I have just started using Bobcad for solidworks, so far this program seems fairly straightforward to use, but I am scratching my head with my first part.

    I am trying to mill a part using a rotary 4th axis, the part is simple, its a round bar with an octagon on the end. In other words it has octagonal flats on the end like an octagonal nut.

    My main problem is that it wants to machine those flats while moving the rotary 4th axis, what I would like to be able to tell it to do is rotate 45 degrees, stop and then machine the flat.

    Also how do I get it to export or show the code, when I click on that feature the area where the code should show up is blank. Is there a tutorial that covers these sort of problems, one downside to Bobcam seems to be very few tutorials (at least that I have been able to find) that cover what you might call problem solving.

    Thanks for your help,





    You would not want to use the rotary function for flats machining when doing 4 Axis. What you would do is define an index system to the flat plane and then use either a 3 Axis feature or 2 Axis feature depending on needs. For the code to show up, you would have to post the G-Code. The G-Code can be posted by expanding where your part name shows in the BobCAM Feature tree and then right clicking Milling Tools and selecting post.



    Hello Matthew,

    Did you manage to do the Indexing?

    I did the same as an exercise to get to know the working of a rotary A-axis.
    It is not difficult.
    What version of SW do you use?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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