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    When starting a new drawing in BobCad 25, when you draw a line and move the cursor back close to that line, the line disappears. What can cause this problem and how can it be corrected?


    Sean Owen

    Could be one of many issues.. Its a preview and should disappear… Graphics card issue.. Graphics card settings.. If you could be more specific as to what command and the exact steps to reproduce this we might be able to help. Best bet would be to call into support and show them. 727-489-0003



    When I open BobCad and start a new drawing whether it is line, circle or angle command. I can draw a line, circles, or angles by sketch or coordinates then when I move the cursor back over what I drawn the lines disappear. I’ve called BobCad and they want me buy the TechSupport.



    What kind of Graphics card do you have and what is the date of the driver for the Driver?

    Also is it a dedicated graphics card?

    You can find this info by:
    Click “Start”
    Click “Run” if on Windows XP, or just type into the “Search Programs and files” box if on Windows 7
    Type in “dxdiag” and hit Enter

    Then the screen should show up that says DirectX Diagnostic Tool.

    Click the tab that says Display.

    The name is the type of card you have and the Date under Drivers is the date we are looking for.

    Let me know if that all makes sense.



    Be sure that the highlight and selection color under preferences is not the same as the background.

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