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    First of all Im a Newbie when it comes to CNC and just a hobbyist.

    I have a home built 36×60 CNC Router and I use Mach3 to control it. I purchased BobCAD V26 with high hopes of creating some nice designs and using it to cut multiple parts instead of using the band saw. At the time I purchased it I thought I got a good deal from BobCAD.

    My issues with BobCAD are limited due the fact that I only use a few features, in fact the software is probably way more than I need (leaning toward CamBam). For example as a test I made a letter C and wanted to pocket around it. Simple huh, well when I produced the g-code there was all kinds of circles everywhere and you could not recognize the letter C. I did the same thing with CamBam and it worked perfectly. I use Mach3 on the design computer as a simulator.

    Also BobCAD inserts extra code causing the g-code not to make the Zed goto a safe Z thus causing gouges in the work piece. It doesn’t do this all the time, which makes that issue especially frustrating.

    Overall BobCAD V26 has some excellent features but is lacking some as well. For example “holding tabs”, you have to go through this complicated process to make “breaks” and do some 3D contouring to make it work. WHY make this so difficult? CamBam ($149) includes this feature in their software.

    BobCAD also reverses or mirrors text and I cannot figure out why. The other software ive tried does not do this.

    I had some issues early on with BobCAD and postprocessors that never got resolved. If I could send it back I would.

    Im done ranting… Thanks for reading


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    maybe you can post the bbcd drawing and someone can have a look at it I think.



    Assuming the pics are of the simulated G code I’d say the reversed “C” is the result of an inverted Axis. Maybe “X”. Check the Cam Tree under “Cam Defaults>Current Settings>Machine Definition” Select the Axis you want to check and select the Direction. For all of My machines X=-1.000 Y=-1.000 Z=1.000
    I have to fix these values every time I make a new machine setup or install a fresh copy of bobcad.

    But I would venture a guess that Scott didn’t actually come here for help. 😉

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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