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BOBCAD keeps adding my offset distance as a radius and my machine won't run it

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    Hi there!
    I am very new to programming and had a question that I couldn’t figure out through searching. Mostly, I assume, because I don’t know the proper terms to search.
    I work at a woodshop making plaques and due to events, I am now the one writing the programs for new plaques.

    I use BOBCAD V.21 and when I make a drawing and offset it for each of the two cutters I use and then use BOBCAD to auto machine the part, this happens….(this is just a section of the program that I copied here)

    N95S24000 M03
    N110G51 A100 E0.001
    N115 X0. Y0. Z2.
    N120 X9.775 Y1.781
    N125 G01 Z-0.045 F120
    N130 G02 X9.698 Y1.785 R0.75
    N135 X7.721 Y2.47 R4.574
    N140 R0.25
    N145 R0.25
    N150 G03 X7.603 Y2.509 R0.25

    N155 G01 X6.739 Y2.563

    This is a .250 offset from the main drawing and you’ll see on lines 140 and 145 (and 150, too?) that it is adding the .25 radius and nothing else.
    The machine will not run past these lines, so I need to go thru and delete them all. (which sometimes will be a lot).
    The same thing will happen using other offsets for different cutters, too

    N455 G02 X9.689 Y10.281 R4.641
    N460 X9.776 Y10.286 R0.817
    N465 G01 X11.521
    N470 G02 X13.028 Y9.727 R2.313
    N475 R0.317
    N480 R0.317

    N485 G03 X14.715 Y9.068 R2.723
    N490 G02 X16.811 Y8.54 R5.085

    Like I said, I am new to this and I am sorry if this has been addressed here already, but I just don’t know the terms used to find my solution.

    I’m sorry to ask what I assume is a dumb question, but I do need some help, please.
    If you need further information, I will try to supply it the best that I can

    Thank you in advance 🙂

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    You may need to turn off modality for the X and Y locations. This can be done on the NC side, selecting Setup and then Driver. Then uncheck only show changed x-coordinates and do the same for y.

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