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    I’m at my wits end…

    I’ve been working on a design that utilizes many different arcs and tangential segments. Each time I post the toolpaths to G-code, I get many (MANY!) circles that cut and divide my work. Many of these circles are well outside the range of my worktable, anyway.

    Has anyone ran into this issue before? I’ve corrected my IJ settings both at the Part and Default levels to be incremental. I’ve performed and Cleanup/Optimize utility and still can’t get anywhere.

    If anyone can assist, please let me know. Thanks, everyone!



    What Version Bobcad?
    What post processor?
    Has the post worked before?
    In Part and Default levels instead of incremental have you tried the POST setting



    Crop Cirles is the Word you are looking for.
    You can .zip a .bbcd file you are have trobles with here along with your PP
    You could go here and do search,as this has been discussed in the past many times.



    This issue relates to non tangential arc transitions. This can be alleviated by using Utilities/Reorganize and run through all the options located inside of this sub-menu.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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