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    Hi there.

    I’m programming a clamp from a jig to machine it. I can add features to my part to machine and it all looks fine, toolpaths show up within BobCAM etc, but then when I run the machine simulation it shows the stock for the part I’m currently working on but loads tools and toolpaths for the jig instead – a completely different part. If I verify tool selection there are extra tools I have not selected for the part shown on screen. The toolpaths for the part I want to machine are buried in the code for the jig. It shows the machine setup in my post as being the one for jig, even though it’s called something completely different for the part I’m working on. This is happening for all the clamps associated with this jig – 4 separate parts.



    I just loaded a clamp I haven’t yet programmed. Even without setting the stock wizard, selecting a machine setup or in any way programming the part, if I post it, it outputs code to cut the jig, which is a part I programmed and cut on the machine several days ago.




    If you can provide the part file, we can clear all the BobCAD information in the file so you can start fresh on the tool path of the part without the issue that you are having.



    Sean, I have this same problem, old toolpaths haunt my new parts. Please tell me how to “clear all the BobCAD information in the file so you can start fresh on the tool path” myself. This problem is happening to me a lot it is extremely frustrating.



    The steps below will allow you to strip the CAM tree from solidworks if the CAM tree is causing an error with the parts file.
    1. Open SolidWorks.
    2. Go to the top of the screen and Left-Click on File and Left-Click New.
    3. Create a new Assembly.
    4. Left-Click on Browse which will appear on the left of the new assembly.
    5. Find the parts file that needs to have the CAM tree stripped.
    6. Open the parts file.
    7. After opening the part Left-Click on the green check mark.
    8. Right-Click on the parts file that was brought in under the CAD/Assembly tree.
    9. Left-Click on Make Virtual.
    10. Left-Click OK in the new window that pops up
    11. Right-Click again on the parts file.
    12. Left-Click on Save Part(in external file)
    13. Specify a path for the new document to be saved.
    14. Close out of the assembly that was just created.
    15. Open the new file via the file path that was specified.

    If this does not strip the CAM tree the following steps will need to be done:

    1. Go to File and then Click Make Assembly from Part.
    2. Bring the part into the assembly.
    3. Go to File then click Save As.
    4. Save the parts file as a .Sldprt this will strip the CAM tree and the CAD Tree.
    5. Exit the assembly and re-open it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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