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    Hey guys,

    First off, let me just mention that I am currently using Cut2D and Cut3D from Vectric. While this software is OK, it doesn’t have all the features I need for my every day cutting needs. Therefore, I decided to check out BobCad CAM.

    I downloaded the demo, but am having an issue straight away. When setting up the software for use on your machine, you have to choose which type of machine you have. I use a CNC Router, but there is no option for that. So, I have to choose “Milling”, because that’s basically what I’m doing with the CNC router.

    After watching a tutorial this afternoon, I am under the impression that setting up the machine is very important. This is where I am running into a problem. Since there is no “default” settings for a CNC router, and the help file basically shows a regular milling machine, I’m rather lost on how to set up this software for use with the CNC router.

    With a regular milling machine, usually the table moves and the tool is stationary. This the opposite of how most CNC routers function. My CNC router has all three axes, but the table (work surface) is stationary, and this is why I am running into issues.

    I tried looking through the help files, but the help files only work with a regular milling machine, and I saw no mention of a CNC router.

    So, I decided to try switching from “3 axis milling” to “3 axis waterjet”, and the default settings were basically the same.

    For a CNC router, I’m unsure what numbers to enter into the dialog boxes on the right side under “Machine Data”. Or, do i even need to mes with these values?

    I would really like to start using this software, but without setting up the machine the proper way, I’m afraid I’m not going to get very far.



    I am also a newby here – but I wonder if you’re trapped in a paradigm that it matters….

    Because I asked the question, I can confirm you need to choose “Mill” for “Router” application (hopefully intuitive when we get enlightened).

    The system really doesn’t know/ care about the difference that we are trained in. From the system’s perspective, why would it care if the table is moving under the gantry, or the gantry is moving over the table? It’s a signal sent to a motor that makes something move – be it the table or gantry.

    Hope that helps-



    Bruce, agree from the System perspective, but we are users, and I don’t see any issue with having a machine set up that matches the user’s machine. Indeed, for some of the simulations, watching the entire stock whip back and forth while I try to fast forward to a certain path can be a bit unnerving!

    And yup, I’m also a Gantry user.

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