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    Hello all. Moved from V20 to 26 need to get up to speed asap. I understand how to create an array or translate a toolpath, but each new creation seems to become married to the previous versions and are inseparable. In other words, If I want a clean array spread out equally over x and y, that is simple. But if I want to put any one copy at some unique location, everything else gets copied with it. I cannot just place copies randomly.

    Saving toolpath, then loading, nothing comes back. Simulator works on the original, but not on a loaded version.

    I need to create libraries of parts, then drag them to a large sheet, make copies however I want. Any suggestions?




    Also, I cannot get a simple copy/paste to simulate. Error says No operation. The original toolpath will simulate.



    Todd, have you tried to re-select your geometry. that maybe your problem. Then compute the toolpath again Give that a try.



    I made a lot of progress. I understand the feature load/save much better and used it all day. I also used the Add toolpath array and translate feature. That is great also, I only wish you could copy toolpath independently versus having the toolpath grow as a “group” that cannot be separated. I would like to be able to have a collection of toolpaths, then drag and drop onto a new panel, then make copies as needed for that panel. As it is, the toolpath must exist as a grouped unit.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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