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Drill Cycles Missing After Win 8.1 Install

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    We are using BobCAD-CAM v21.4 on a Windows 8.1 64 bit PC.

    I have previously installed this program on two separate Windows 8 PCs without issues. However, the most recent installation appeared to work correctly but my machinist alerted me that he is missing all of the entries that would normally be listed in the Drill Cycles menu. Currently that menu is blank for him. I was the one who installed the program, and there were no errors during installation. The program is not unstable and appears to be working fine other than these missing entries.

    Anyone seen an issue like this before?




    Make sure to update your V21 to the latest version at the link below.


    As far as the issue with the Drill Cycles not displaying, it sounds like we have an issue with the files paths. To correct this, please follow the instructions below.

    1. On the CAD side of V21, select File
    2. Select Environment
    3. Go to the General Tab
    4. Redirect each file path to the corresponding name shown (if the file paths look like they are correct, still do this to make sure that the location is set to the folder that it supposed to be. It is normal for the path to look correct but not be linked to the folder specified.)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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