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    It has been many months since I reported this bug and even then, bobcad’s response was that this bug was already known. Unfortunately, there have been no updates, patches or fixes for this issue which is extremely taxing. I upgraded to v26 in order to enhance my experience and take advantage of new features. Unfortunately, this version has a serious bug that should have never gotten past Alpha testing let alone beta. For those of you who do not know what this bug is, When you attempt a drilling process and you need to make any tool changes involving a drill bit, as soon as you exit the tool manager bobcad crashes with complete data loss. I find it unacceptable that this bug has not been quashed yet and would like to know when, if ever will this be fixed?



    I sometimes have the same problem in V26 purchased new, not as an upgrade. Sometimes I can edit a drill file, but other times the edit is grayed out. When I try to delete the drill feature, it causes a crash without changing anything. The only solution I have found is to select Post yes/no to not post the feature and create a new drill feature.



    Don’t worry, when they will fix it, they will say you have to buy V27. They have a funny policy and does not take much care of the customer satisfaction. They just think to develope the software, improving it, adding powerful functions, solving bug also, but you must be lucky your bug is solved within your “time frame” of free update for your version. Every year they came out with a new Vxx version and if your bug solution fall in the next version …. forget it and be happy ….
    I had other kind of serious problems with V26. Furtunately I was able to resell it and continue working with previous V25.
    Anyway I think BobCad is a good product at a great price. You just need to well know where are the bugs of your version and find your work around ….



    Robert,post an example.bbcd file.
    Same for you Marco
    I am surprised BoBCAD has not responded.
    I will be willing to take a stab.I have not experienced these issues.



    I had the same problem, It was very frustrating. I called them and they were able to fix it after about an hour on the line. One work around is to add the drill and hit “Finish” before moving onto the Drill depth. The go back to your tree and hit edit. It should not crash for the rest of that feature

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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