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    I’ve been using BobCAD for a number of years and have now loaded version 26 mill Pro. My first impressions are mixed with program crashes finding it less than stable but also finding some nice new features. I’ve created a new part file in version 26 to run 3 parts at a time. That finally worked out OK but my machine has the capacity to run 4. I’ve modified the geometry to run 4 parts at a time but I’m having problems editing the tool path. The problem is the software turns the geometry into contours and once created they don’t seem to be editable. On previous versions I could deselect, edit as needed and reselect. How do you edit a tool path in V26?



    Sometimes you have to “remove” geometry,,,”re-select” geometry,,,”compute” tool path.
    If you are still having problems upload a .bbcd file in a .zip



    That is the way it worked before, unselect and reselect. Version didn’t have that option presented like in V23 & V24. In desperation I started trying to delete things figuring I was going to start over anyway. Well after dinking with it for a while, I find that if you select the geometry line and then delete, it doesn’t delete the geometry line as I expected, it only puts up an X in front of it. At that point you can right click geometry reassign features. There may be a more elegant way to do this but it got the job done. If you know of a better way, I would like to know.
    Version 26 will take a little time figure things out like this. It’s like any software change, it does things a little different.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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