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    I’m using the Lathe CAM on a CNC Grinder. I’m using this because the rough cuts I’m using need to be plunge cuts. I’m having trouble getting the software to feed the direction I want to. The roughing works great. I move over .062 and plunge down to my profile and retract back to the top, the finishing, however, does not feed across from one side to the next. I need to be able to tell it to cut from the top of the pattern down the radius to the left and it is cutting the pattern last and not cutting the bottom the direction i need it to. Is there a way to tell the CAM software which direction to feed. In the lathe portion. Not the Mill.




    This can be done by defining a contour on the geometry that you are cutting. Contours can be found under Other/Contours. This is a direction control mechanism that will force the tool path to follow that direction. If the contour places incorrectly, you can use Other/Reverse Contour to switch the direction of the contour.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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