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    I’ve built my own 3-axis router and have recently installed BobCAD. I’m realizing that I have a whole new vocabulary to learn before I can even ask the right questions to google! I’d like to outline what I’m trying to do and if someone could point me to the right terminology that I can use to web search I’d appreciate it.

    My test started off with drawing two circles, one inside the other. My goal is to cut that donut shape out on a piece of quarter inch plywood. I’ve figured out how to get the jpg image of my donut shape into BobArt, and have it vectorized. I’m at a loss as to how to proceed to get to the point where I can get a CAM project that uses this vectorized image, any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance,



    I finally got it! I applied it to the job that someone has asked me to do that was a LOT more complicated than a donut. I think a really good feature of the vectorizing tool would be the ability to leave out chains that fit a range instead of just a minimum. Then again, maybe I made this harder than it should have been.

    I had a very complex black and white image of cursive letters and silhouettes that were all connected. I loaded the image two times into BobArt. On the first copy of the image (using one layer) I vectorized using a minimum that would only capture the outline of the entire job a profiling feature. I then used the second copy of the image (using a different layer) to vectorize the entire thing. I then manually deselected all of the outside lines using the profiling toolpath as a guide. I then created a pocketing feature for this layer.

    Ran it through the simulator and the results look good! Hope to run it through my machine tomorrow morning. I’ll have to whip up a vacuum table first though, before trying this job on 1/8 inch plywood…




    Sounds like you have it working well now. Let us know if you have any issues along the way.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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