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    I wanted to post some initial impressions. I have used V20 for many years and can make my parts in a blink of an eye. I do simple 2D parts with shapes, slots, pockets, drills. I needed to get some new features that V26 offers(mandatory needs), and although I like the new features, the newer software is the buggiest, slowest experience of any software I have seen in a long time. Typically, a company makes changes as trade off for functionality, form, features, among other things. But in the case of Bobcad, you have now made a software become about 10 times longer to create a design. I do dread having to make a part in V26, and am now finding ways to migrate back and forth between V20 and V26 to use the features of V26 but design in V20. This is insanity to have to do this, but is reality that I have to design in V20 and post/nest in V26. Then, export dxf and re-tweak design in V20. IF there is a way to export or save as legacy that would be a big help versus dxf.

    Examples of issues:

    I can click on a part 20 times and never get it to select, then it will.

    On several computers, Win 7 and Win8, it is painfully slow to wait to a part to show that it is selected after clicking it. V20 on the same computers is instantaneous with no latency between mouse clicks and screen result. Beyond annoying.

    Tabs in nesting, you can change heights, recompute, no changes. Editing and creating tabs is extremely buggy and I abandoned making my own tabs after many hours.

    When Posting ( not post and save ), the file shows up in my post section of Bobcad, I click edit CNC, make a few tweaks to remove tool changes, then save as in predator. The file being saved even as new file name, v1, v2, v3, etc, is continuing to write an older file. So I Post and Save, then it creates the correct ( updated ) file. I then open up the file in Wincnc and make the edits to gcode there and save. Hours lost and 2 tools broken yesterday do this issue ( whether some fault of mine, or bobcad, no idea why you can’t edit the new post and save with predator as a new incremented version name).

    Trying to trim, extend, etc, so painfully slow to select items, wait for the screen to show the change, multiple tries to get an entity to select, not even worth the effort to edit trim extend etc. I will stop trying to create and edit in V26. I will export dxf and go back to V20. That is, until I can afford to change out of bobcad all together and move to xxxxx software.

    Multiple crashes requiring hard reboot. Hours lost on this in one week alone. At least now I will not wait to see if it will close itself ( rarely closes itself after crash). I now just hard reboot.

    I was told at tech support “you need a new computer with dedicated graphics bla bla”. If that will solve all these problems, does that mean I need to get another brand new 2g laptop besides the brand new win8 I already have? Does that mean I have to move wincnc off the Win7 desktop system to a brand new system? So I have to buy a new laptop and shop PC to run this slow buggy app when no other software has a problem?

    Excuses excuses excuses. My suggestion, instead of adding tons of features to bobcad to increase it’s curb appeal, why not stop the feature creep and fix what you have?

    I demonstrated to an employee yesterday the time wasted trying to select an arc or other entity at all levels of zoom. This is not my imagination. I have added much for frustration to my day with this upgrade.

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