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    Please help, I understand its a holiday and such, But Im really stuck. I have version 23, Been a faithful customer of BobCad since V16. I have 23 pretty much mastered. Im pretty good at 3d work and I very much enjoy the challange of getting a 3d file via Email, I will usually drop what im doing to see how it loads in BobCad and run some quick Z level roughs to see how they simulate. My dilemma I recently added a 4th axis to one of my Fadals. I own a very small job shop, 2 Fadals and a couple of CNC lathes left. Anyway after I saw the vid of the wood skull being cut, I was really looking forward to doing some programming similar to that, Maybe not quite as complicated, Right after installation of the 4th, we ran a few jobs, I noticed It did not like to follow the path programmed.It gets to the programmed point, But it does not go the direction desired Im sure im not the only person with this prob, there has to be 1000s of Fadals out there like mine. But instead of taking the shortest path programmed, It wants to do a full wrap plus the end position that could add up to 1 and a half wraps in some cases. If you can imagine, Its frustrating to see the rotary just continue to mill both wasting part and time waiting for it to decide to stop. In simple terms, I can sometimes force a “+” sign into the machine, but if the program is more than 10-20 lines, It disregards the + or positive integer.
    The fix I have found for this is go incremental from Absolute programming. Honestly, I dont mind if the program need to be incremental to make the table function, I just need a POST to accomplish it. I have spent nearly a week fiddling with post processors and the best I can get 23 to do is get x,y,z to go full incremental, I cannot for the life of me get the A axis to post in incremental. If somebody out there has a post that will fix this, Please I will buy it, If BobCad can assure me They have a post to fix this problem, again I will pay for it. I tried to call just before the holiday, I could not get past the operator in the tech department to please just give me some answers, I dont mind paying for tech support, but just a couple of yes or no answers before I pay for it would suffice. I asked if an upgrade may fix the prob? If so, maybe an upgrade may be in the cards, but she could not answer me yes or no if this would fix my prob, I tell ya, I been trying to get a hold of ANYBODY for an answer, I posted on the Skull Vid, I sent Chris a Email, I cannot for the life of me get on CNC zone, Phone Access yes… Desktop NO, A lot to ask and type out on the phone, But I may try anyway. the person who sold me the table upgrade is not returning my calls. I am really disappointed, Not at the least at BobCad, but I have to wait till after the first of the year to get some answers, I want to play with this thing over the holiday, Whan the phone is quiet. ANYBODY, and I do Mean ANYBODY can steer me right, It would be greatly appreciated

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    • This topic was modified 3 years, 5 months ago by  Wayne.


    Hi Wayne. You may be referring to a skull cut that I programmed and my brother cut?

    Anyway, if it’s that one, the toolpath was a continuous 4th axis path that came into play in V25. V23 only does “wrapping”, which would make it difficult at best to try and have a surface for a “skull” unwrapped, to use with it. Organic stuff like that would have to be done with indexing with V23.

    With that said, we could look at what your trying to achieve if you want. It appears your generating some type of toolpath for the 4th now. The “a” rotational output, will be put out as 0-360 degrees. You want it to be “incremental”, so no matter what the rotational degree is, that “10” just moves it 10 degrees from there? instead of to the 10 degree mark?

    Anyway, I may need to see your bbcd file and the post processor your using attached here to be much help. It’s hard to follow from just a text description.



    Hi There Mr Burr!

    I was not even trying to attempt that Skull profile

    I have asked this question so many times now, There may be some details I left out

    All I want to do to learn the 4th is just engrave my name and logo, I dumbed it down so much, I cant even get it to cut even one letter like “W” without it doing a full wrap. If im lucky I can draw a square and it will cut that without error, but anything beyond that, even Square with radius on corners, It just keeps on rotating. Sometimes the error shows on preditor, So I spinning my wheels (No pun) between software and the table not going to the programmed “A’ position, It gets to 10 deg, but It takes an xtra wrap to get there.

    I completely understand from the training Vid how to lay out the part un-rolled, , Set the stock from Rectangle to cylinder. then post as a cylinder. Parameters 2 inch dia rod, Set the engraving work up at inch above Z0 and post as a wrap. Absolute, It works OK, But the table seems to add an xtra wrap.

    So in essence programming 10 deg in absolute, It may work once, Program in next move say 30 deg, It will get there, but it may pass up 30 go a full rotation, and end at 30 absolute

    The only solution I have found that works well, Set machine G91 and use incremental moves, A plus or minus, and that seems to get the table going the correct direction(S)

    But cannot get BobCad to set the A axis incremental

    I can post file in the cam editor and attach the post itself, I have to run up to the shop and get the files




    Oh, ok. It’s been so long now since working in V23….

    May check line 511 in the post, but there may need some other variables set in the standard start and toolchange blocks also…

    Anyway, a bbcd file and your post processor should get the process going so we can talk apples to apples.



    This may not help but what is line 440 in the post set at? there was a post awhile back on rotary set up at the cnc zone about rotation moves. Your more than likely ahead of this but just a thought.



    Just got in V26. So far, Making good progress. Sticking with simple tasks for now. Couple issues I am having.

    My computer may be too outdated, Running XP, 3 gig
    on speed, 4 gig of ram. So my guy who has been building
    my computers for many years now has a newer model Windows 7

    I just sent him all the requirements for V26 to run, the 64
    bit disk would not load, So I had to load 32 but disk, Actually
    software itself seems to run fine. It just renders pretty slow

    Im getting a script error when I launch V26, It seems to be
    looking for something on the BobCad web site, maybe a build
    update, but for some reason, Its giving me an error

    Preditor, It stepped back a version, I dont understand
    why I cannot use the preditor I already purchased to
    also do rendering, Just for the heck of it, Its actually
    still on the computer, ya just have to exit out of 26 to
    run it, and it seems to render fine. I own it, payed for
    it, Why am I forced to use an inferior version?

    So far, that is all I got, I am going to try the trial
    on a newer computer to see if it renders faster. I still
    use V20.5 and maybe 23 until I fully understand 26, I hope
    maybe I can get bobcad to give me the codes to run them
    as well V20.5, I do a lot of drip feeding, It runs in the
    back ground a lot while im working with other newer versions

    Thats about it for now

    Thanks for the replys

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