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Problem with Bobcam for SW Turn, Youtube movie.

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    I posted a movie on YouTube;

    This is done in SW 2014 and Bobcam V3.

    However , it works alright in SW2012 and V2.
    If I import the V2 file into SW2014 and run the simulation it is fine.

    I deleted the V2 Groove feature and selected Groove again in V3.
    All the same parameters, nothing is different and , yes, the anvil hammers the 2mm ridges away.

    I cannot find the error I must have made in V3. It looks that the starting point of the anvil is on the wrong side,

    Any ideas please,




    Attached the files as .rar .

    Please have a look.

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    I still cannot make a decent groove in BobCam V3.

    I have a solution;
    In SW 2012 and V2 the Groove Feature is good. No problem.
    I saved the Groove Feature as Feature Groove.bcot

    This I imported into SW2014 and V3 in the V3 Features Folder.
    Next I loaded this feature in my part file, selected the grooving geometry and “voila” the toolpath is perfect.

    Don’t tell me that the Groove Feature in V3 is not “bugged”
    Prove me wrong !!

    Jos Raven



    Hi Everyone,

    I just did a brand new drawing (of the same Scope-foot) in SW & V3.

    Used the settings Al DePoalo recommended and that worked fine.
    No more collisions in Lathe Simulation.

    A simple solution to something I racked my brains on.

    It is save to say that this topic is closed.

    Thanks Al.



    There are more bugs and “mistakes” than they let on to. All is supposed to be “well” in v4 – if it ever gets here.

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