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    I need to figure out how to create setup sheets for employees so I can stop explaining the parts so much id like to be able to print a picture of where the origin is and a tool list Any thoughts?



    Jacob, good afternoon. Unfortunately the software will not create or have the ability to do a setup sheet.




    You can have a “work around” setup sheet by using a different Post Processor, you have to Post your code out as normal and then change to the scripted Post and Post code again, if it works with your version then you can save it out as a text file and just print it off.

    As for getting an image off the screen with your start/work offset data then depending on your Operating system you can take a “screen grab” on XP and then use MS Paint to crop/edit/print a picture, on Win 7 there is the “Snipping Tool” that will cut any area out of your screen and will allow you to edit it and save out as a jpg image that you can print off for the operators.

    A little extra work but worth it if the aim is achieved 🙂

    Post Processor is attached, it may or may not work for you but worth a try.
    I cant take credit for the scripting, Im just passing it on 🙂 🙂


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    That’s unfortunate thank you for the input



    “””That’s unfortunate thank you for the input”””””””””

    Whats unfortunate? The fact that Darren incorrectly stated that you cant do it? or that Rob Actually responded to you offering a post processor that would output a setup sheet, per your request?

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    Wow,forum is alive again.And there is Rob,Hi Rob.Old Buddy Burr,Howdy.
    Jacob,,What exactly are you wanting ? Could you be more specific of all the details you would like to see on a set-up sheet ?
    From your first post,with the information you gave,,you got a good answer.Did you not understand Robs reply?,,or are you looking for something more ? ?



    Hi, the response that Rob gave me was great I did not see that as I was responding to what Darren had told me about the software. I am looking for a quick way to print off a picture of what the program is going to cut, where my XYZ 0 is, a tool list, and a few comments. Sorry for the confusion on the comments



    It has been some time since I tried the Setup Sheet script (as it was last posted). A good portion of it was broken from updates and although I patched a little bit of it, it really wasn’t that useful.

    I have an entirely new one written in C that uses VBScript to pass BobCAD variables to it but all the work is done outside of BCC and relies heavily on “Advanced Posting” pages. In other words, it would take an advanced BobCAD user to set it up right and you would have to be willing to put up with occasional glitches.

    I “borrowed” the HTML style sheets from Predator and now have beautiful setup sheets that are generated with a simple “Post” in BobCAD.

    I’m writing all of this to say: Yes, it’s possible – but you’re pretty much on your own. I have recently found folks that could recreate what I did much easier and cheaper than what I did on my own.

    Hot tip: You can automate putting BCC data into an Excel or Open Office Calc document. This code sample is obviously missing the portion that sets the variables (it’s done at each tool change during the posting) but it is a good example of how to pass info to other programs:

    '********* Open Office Call **********************

    'The service manager is always the starting point
    'If there is no office running then an office is started up
    Set objServiceManager= CreateObject("")
    'Create the Desktop
    Set objDesktop= objServiceManager.createInstance("")
    'Load V25 Template calc document
    Dim noArgs() 'Empty array
    Dim loadUrl
    loadUrl = "file:///C:/cheezewiz/SETUP SHEETS/SET-UP-SHEET-REV2.ods"
    Set objDocument= objDesktop.loadComponentFromURL(loadUrl,"_blank", 0, noArgs)
    'Get sheet by name
    Set objSheet = objDocument.getSheets().getByName( "Sheet1" )
    'Get Cell
    Set objCell = objSheet.getCellByPosition( 0, 8 )
    nValue = objCell.getString() 'getValue() returns 0 if objCell is a string?
    ' msgbox nValue
    objSheet.getCellByPosition( 0, 2 ).setString( "PROGRAM NAME: "&pn1_string )
    objSheet.getCellByPosition( 0, 8 ).setString( "T"&MILL_GetIntMemoryLoc(1) )
    objSheet.getCellByPosition( 6, 8 ).setString( MILL_GetStringMemoryLoc(1) )
    objSheet.getCellByPosition( 0, 9 ).setString( "T"&MILL_GetIntMemoryLoc(2) )
    objSheet.getCellByPosition( 6, 9 ).setString( MILL_GetStringMemoryLoc(2) )
    objSheet.getCellByPosition( 0, 10 ).setString( "T"&MILL_GetIntMemoryLoc(3) )
    objSheet.getCellByPosition( 6, 10 ).setString( MILL_GetStringMemoryLoc(3) )
    objSheet.getCellByPosition( 0, 11 ).setString( "T"&MILL_GetIntMemoryLoc(4) )
    objSheet.getCellByPosition( 6, 11 ).setString( MILL_GetStringMemoryLoc(4) )
    objSheet.getCellByPosition( 0, 12 ).setString( "T"&MILL_GetIntMemoryLoc(5) )
    objSheet.getCellByPosition( 6, 12 ).setString( MILL_GetStringMemoryLoc(5) )
    objSheet.getCellByPosition( 0, 13 ).setString( "T"&MILL_GetIntMemoryLoc(6) )
    objSheet.getCellByPosition( 6, 13 ).setString( MILL_GetStringMemoryLoc(6) )
    objSheet.getCellByPosition( 0, 14 ).setString( "T"&MILL_GetIntMemoryLoc(7) )
    objSheet.getCellByPosition( 6, 14 ).setString( MILL_GetStringMemoryLoc(7) )
    objSheet.getCellByPosition( 0, 15 ).setString( "T"&MILL_GetIntMemoryLoc(8) )
    objSheet.getCellByPosition( 6, 15 ).setString( MILL_GetStringMemoryLoc(8) )
    objSheet.getCellByPosition( 0, 16 ).setString( "T"&MILL_GetIntMemoryLoc(9) )
    objSheet.getCellByPosition( 6, 16 ).setString( MILL_GetStringMemoryLoc(9) )
    objSheet.getCellByPosition( 0, 17 ).setString( "T"&MILL_GetIntMemoryLoc(10) )
    objSheet.getCellByPosition( 6, 17 ).setString( MILL_GetStringMemoryLoc(10) )



    The code snipped above would be pasted into the post after block 2101. When you hit “Post” in BCC, be patient as Open Office loads. Also, keep in mind that this snippet is referencing a pre-existing, pre-formatted Calc document. So you would need to create a Calc file, save it, and paste the file location in this line:

    loadUrl = “file:///C:/cheezewiz/SETUP SHEETS/SET-UP-SHEET-REV2.ods”

    Otherwise you will get an error.



    Another neat script that launches a web browser when you hit “Post”. This is the one my script uses to open the HTML style sheet I borrowed from Predator. It is populated with XML data, both static and dynamic. This is obvioudly doesn’t do all of that, but it gives you an example of how to approach it. Just change “” to whatever URL you want, including a local file on your computer. In my case, it opens XXXX.bbcd-SETUP.html, where XXXX is the name of my BobCAD file. (Hint: when you hit the “Prnt Scrn” button in BCC, an image is automatically created in the this folder: C:\BobCAD-CAM Data\BobCAD-CAM V25\images. Use your scripting powers to insert any image that matches your .bbcd filename into your Setup Sheet. THIS IS A BIG HINT!)

    '****** MS Internet Explorer Call
    	Set objExplorer = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")
    		objExplorer.Navigate ""
    		objExplorer.ToolBar = 0
    		objExplorer.StatusBar = 0
    		objExplorer.Width = 700
    		objExplorer.Height = 500
    		objExplorer.Left = 0
    		objExplorer.Top = 0
    		objExplorer.Visible = 1
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    Excel call:

    '****** MS Excel Call

    ' Create The Excel Application Object.
    Set objExcel = CreateObject("Excel.Application")

    ' Make Excel Visible Through The Application Object.
    objExcel.Visible = True

    ' Set The Application Object To Allow Data To Be Added.

    ' Sets Row 2 Of The Spreadsheet For The Data Because Row 1 Contains The Header Info.
    intRow = 2

    ' Sets The Column Name As "Machine Name" To Cell A1.
    objExcel.Cells(1, 1).Value = "Machine Name"



    Open Office Writer call:

    '****** Open Office Call

    'The service manager is always the starting point
    'If there is no office running then an office is started up
    Set objServiceManager= CreateObject("")
    'Create the Desktop
    Set objDesktop= objServiceManager.createInstance("")
    'Open a new empty writer document
    Dim args()
    Set objDocument= objDesktop.loadComponentFromURL("private:factory/swriter","_blank", 0, args)
    'Create a text object
    Set objText= objDocument.getText
    'Create a cursor object
    Set objCursor= objText.createTextCursor
    'Inserting some Text
    objText.insertString objCursor, "The first line in the newly created text document."&vbLf, false



    There is another way to get information on tools with V25. Under the CAM Part folder if you Right-Click Milling Tools and Click Verify tool Assignment it will allow you to look at the tools that are in the job. You can then Alt+Prnt Scrn or use the snipping tool or another screen capture software to get the necessary information.

    What I would then recommend doing is going into an iso2 view ctrl+7 and clicking on the Machine Setup 1 which will hi-light the location in the software. You’ll then want to do another screen grab.

    Then it’s simply copying and pasting to get it laid it and printing it.

    Hope this helps,



    Here are my post I use as setup sheets.

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    Have faced the same problem here. Be sure to check this out, we’ve worked very hard to make a user-friendly excel macro-enabled setup sheet, totally configurable.

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