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    Hello again. I have a question but first will explain what I am trying to do. I just revived a 3D printer and I am trying to use BOB CAD to make things to print like knobs for selector a switch.
    I create the object and export it as a .STL file then open it with a program called KISSlicer to create the G-code for the 3D printer. The problem I am running in to is that some of the surfaces are showing up as a inside wall facing out of the solid.
    What I need to know is there a way to tell a side of an object if it is a inside or outside facing peace?

    In the pix the red area shows the surface that is facing the wrong direction. The second is the example of the finished product.

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    You would need to check the surface normals inside of BobCAD. You would need to do this before exporting the file out as an STL, which then becomes a 3D image, rather than actual geometry. You can view surface normals by going to View/Surface Normals. IF the normal is not facing away from the surface you will need to reverse it. This can be done by using Utilities/Reverse Surface Normals.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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