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    Good Evening,

    So a little background. I have V24 and recently updated to V28. I use BobCAD for both Milling and Plasma Cutting. The problem I’m having is with a plasma post processor.

    When I got V24 I had BobCAD create a post processor for our Hypertherm Micro Edge control plasma table. It has worked great. Well updating to V28 I tried using the same post processor to plasma cut and it won’t work. So I tried downloading the new post processor (Hypertherm Micro Edge) for V28. That would not post a working code as well.

    So I started looking thru the code seeing what was different. I found one major thing. So using the same “old” post processor for the V24 on V28 the only thing that wasn’t correct is that when I post the code in V24 it doesn’t post a feed rate. This is correct as the plasma table uses the feed rate inside the control rather than the programmed feed rate. Well, when I post in V28 it posts a feed rate.

    So I dug through the post processor to see what the deal was. Well this being the same processor but V24 Interpreting it different than V28 I’m trying to find out why. I have attached a picture of the post processor and on the left is what was original (which worked fine on V24), and on the right is the one I had to modify to make work on V28.

    I’m curious as to why this is working on one but not the other? And on both, line 513. Is set to No.

    I have attached the processors side by side so you can see what I had to change. I will also try and attach the post processor itself for review. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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