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    It is still doing the same thing. It seems to happen most often with the refresh button or when opening a file from a saved folder. It also happens on return to previous view.



    I am still having this problem. Nothing I have tried has worked. Any assistance would be appreciated.




    Do you have any compatibility settings set for V21. Is it set to run with Windows XP compatibility? If this is the case, try clearing that toggle. Make sure that you are also running with administrative privileges. Here are instructions for checking. Please be advised that these may not correct the issue and that V21 was never designed to run on Windows 8 so it may not function as it did on an older operating system.

    1. Right-Click the BobCAD-CAM V21 icon on the desktop
    2. Select Properties
    3. Select Compatibility.



    I am running it as admin, and the compatibility is set at Windows 7. That is what it set itself at last time I ran the “troubleshooter”. It worked fine for several days and then gradually began to revert to it’s old ways.

    I realize that V21 was not designed for Windows 8, however I posted the question of whether it would work or not on this forum and you told me that you knew several people who were running it on Windows 8 with no problem. I had the option to purchase a new computer with Windows 7 on it for an additional $100 but based on your reply I purchased the less expensive one.



    I am sure there are some people who are running Windows 8 with V 21.but the sucess of that would be very much in the details of the individual computer.
    I am sure if you are absolutely “stuck” with wanting to do this,that you can.It will probably be a lot of learning on your part though.Go to a computer forum and ask the question of how to run xp software on windows 8.There are many ways to do this,but it is way above my skills.
    I DO NOT think it would be fair to say Sean gave you mis-information.I also do not think BoB should support V 21 for windows 8.I would say it is possible to make it work,but it is going to probably take some doing on your part.CNC Zone has a very large and active BoBCAD forum.I would suggest posting there and maybe someone has done exactly what you are trying.Good Luck

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    It is not that I am “stuck with wanting to do this.” I now have to do this because I have the computer I have and have no choice. I attempted to do due diligence before I made my purchase and right now my frustration level is a bit high.
    Not trying to say that Sean gave me misinformation, just stating why I ended up in the situation I am in. Thank you for the tip about CNC Zone. I will check it out.




    I stated that it should work but it was not originally designed for Windows 8. We cannot guarantee that it will work on all systems that use Windows 8 the same as it would have done on an older operating system.

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