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    V26 text wrapping problem, breaks line segments off of text and uses them to move to next letter at current depth of cut.
    Instead of retracting to rapid height or feed height offset.
    so you get something like the ( T ) with part of the leg going to the next letter it connects all the letters together looks like gibberish.
    Iam not sure what the Hay is going on with this one!



    From the sound of it, You need to add some spacing in between your letters. If you have an example of what is happening, then ZIP it up and attach it so i can take a look at it.



    Hi Mike thank’s for replying ,I solved it was the post.

    For some reason it keeps changing from 4th axis post to 3 axis post even though 4th axis machine and 4th axis post are the default.
    I ran into another guy who had the same problem and he helped me solve it .
    So I guess I will have to really watch the posts to make sure it is using the correct one.

    Happy Holiday’s

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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