The Machine Setup in The CAM Tree


The MachineSetupIcon.png Machine Setup in the CAMTabIconBBCD.png CAM Tree is used to insert milling features and define various machine settings, such as the machining origin on the part (or work offset). This is critical to creating correct toolpaths and NC programs. It is important to understand that when defining milling features, the machining origin (that is defined in the Machine Setup dialog box) is used to define the coordinates and not the WCS or the world coordinate system of the CAD window.





4 Axis and 5 Axis

NOTE: The following two items are only available with the 4 Axis Standard, 4 Axis Pro, 5 Axis Standard, and 5 Axis Pro modules.

When performing 4th axis indexing, an Index System can be added to the Machine Setup to define the position of the rotary axis. To learn how to use an Index System, view the Index System help topic.


When performing 4th axis wrapping, you can add a Wrapping Group to the Machine Setup. The Wrapping Group is used to insert milling features to define the wrapped machining. To learn more, view the Wrapping Group help topic.


To create a Machine Setup, in the CAMTabIconBBCD.png CAM Tree,  do one of the following:



The Machine Setup Shortcut Menu

To access the following items, right-click Machine Setup.


MachineSetupIcon.png Machine Setup

Using the Machine Setup

A Machine Setup can be created for each orientation of the part on the machine. Each setup represents a Work Offset.


Initial Setup

Before you define a Machine Setup for any part, you must first create stock geometry for the part. To learn how to create stock geometry and define the Machine Setup, view the Stock Wizard and Machine Setup help topic.


Subsequent Setup

After the stock geometry is created, in the CAM Tree, you can right-click Machine Setup, and click Edit. This opens the Machine Setup dialog box in the Data Entry tab.


Multiple Setups

To create multiple Machine Setup items, in the CAM Tree, right-click Machine Setup, and click Insert Setup. This adds another Machine Setup below the previous. Both Machine Setup items are then available for selection in the Machine Setup dialog box.

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