Milling Features in the CAM Tree


When you insert a milling feature and finish the feature wizard, the feature is added to the CAMTabIconBBCD.png CAM Tree. All of the information from the wizard can be viewed or modified using the feature in the CAM Tree.


2 Axis Example

A Milling feature in the CAM Tree looks similar to the following example.


ExpanderMinusIcon16x16.png FeatureIconWhite.png Feature Profile

StartPointIcon.png Start Point

GeometryIcon.png Geometry

ExpanderMinusIcon16x16.png FeatureProfileIcon.png Profile

FeatureProfileRoughOperationIcon.png Rough

FeatureProfileFinishOperation.png Finish

The Shortcut Menus

You right click the feature items in the tree to access the following shortcut menus.


FeatureIconWhite.png Feature Type


GeometryIcon.png Geometry


FeatureProfileIcon.png Feature Parameters


RoughOperationIcon2Ax.png Feature Operations


The following two items are not found in all features.


StartPointIcon.png Start Point


GeometryIcon.pngBoundary (3-Axis features only)


TIP:   You can click some of the CAM Tree items to view a preview in the Workspace. For example, click Geometry to confirm the assigned feature geometry, or click an Operation to confirm a computed toolpath.

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