The Stock Material Feeds and Speeds Dialog Box


The Stock Material Feeds and Speeds dialog box is used to modify the spindle speeds and feed rates for the Stock Material Library materials. Each Stock Material has one or more Tool Materials. The General Feeds and Speeds are set separately for each Tool Material. This means that each Stock Material can have one set of feeds and speeds for carbide tools, another for high speed steel, and yet another for insert tools. You can also set separate feeds and speeds for each Tool Type based on its Operation. You are not limited to the default tool materials, you can add more types as needed.


To access the Stock Material Speeds and Feeds dialog box, in the Stock Material Library dialog box, click Add Material or Modify Material.

The Dialog Box Parameters

View the Stock Material Feeds and Speeds dialog box


Stock Material Name - displays the material name. To rename a material, type the new name here.


Tool Materials - lists the available tool material types for the selected stock material.


General Feeds and Speeds - sets the general speeds and feeds for the selected Tool Material.


Customized Feeds and Speeds Based on Tool Type and Operation

CheckBoxSelected.png Select this check box to customize the feeds and speeds for each tool type based on its operation. When selected, the SFM, Chip Load Per Flute, and Plunge Chip Load boxes become available for editing. You can now specify these values separately for each tool such as an End Mill Rough used to Rough Cut.

CheckBoxCleared.png Clear this check box to use the system generated feeds and speeds. If this check box is cleared after creating custom feeds/speeds, all custom values are deleted.

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