The Stock Material Library


The Stock Material Library contains all of the information for the available stock materials. You can create and modify the Material Groups which contain multiple Material Types. Material Types can also be created, modified, and added to the Material List. The Material List groups the materials by grade and lists them in alphabetical order.


The feeds and speeds for each Material Type are fully adjustable, and these parameters are set in the Stock Material Feeds and Speeds dialog box which is displayed when you click Add Material or Modify Material in the Stock Material Library dialog box.


To access the Stock Material Library, in the CAMTabIconBBCD.png CAM tree, right-click MaterialStockIconWhite.png Stock Material and click Edit.

The Dialog Box Parameters

View the Stock Material Library dialog box


Material Group - lists the general classifications of available materials such as aluminum, cast iron, or plastic. Click the desired material type to populate the Material list with all the available material types for that group.


Material List - shows all of the available materials for the selected Material Group. The materials are listed in alphabetical order by Material Type and they are grouped by material grades. Each material type shows the SFM (surface feet per minute) or SMM (surface meters per minute, CLF (chip load per flute), and Plunge CLF for each tool material type, such as Carbide or HSS.


All of the following options are used with the Material List. You must first select the desired material in the Material List, and then select one of the following options.


IMPORTANT:     When selecting Move To Favorites, the selected material is removed from the current folder and added to the Favorites folder. The information is not copied.



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