The Default Lead-In/Out Dialog Box


The Default Lead-In/Out dialog box shares all the same parameters as the Lead-In dialog box with one main exception. In the center of the dialog box are two Copy buttons. After setting up the default lead-in values, you can click DoubleRightArrowButton.png to copy all of these settings to the Lead-out. You can also click DoubleLeftArrowButton.png to copy the Lead-out settings to the Lead-in.


All parameters are explained in The Lead-In Dialog Box help topic.


NOTE:      When the Use Default Lead-In check box is selected in the Lead-In/Out dialog box of a specific feature, that feature uses the settings from the Default Lead-In/Lead-Out dialog box. You must clear the Use default Lead-In check box in order to use leads as they are set in the Lead-In/Out dialog box.