Post Processors


The Post Processor is used to create NC programs, for mill or lathe, based on the type of machine.

How to Set the Post Processor

The proper way to set the PostProcessorIcon.png Post Processor in the CAMTabIconBBCD.png CAM Tree is to select the machine using the Current Settings (Milling Settings or Turning Settings dialog boxes). The post processor is automatically set using the selected machine. To learn how to define your machine and post processor, view the Machine Configuration help topic.


NOTE: The post processor file used must have a file extension of .MillPst for milling, laser, plasma, and waterjet machines, and .LathePst for lathes.

Editing Post Processors

To edit a Post Processor:




New to Posting in V25

To see what has been added to posting in V25, view the V25 Posting Additions help topic.

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