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Registering the Software - you must register the software to begin using the products that you have purchased.


Getting to Know BobCAD-CAM


The User Interface - it is important to become familiar with all of the parts of the user interface and the terms used to describe them.


Using CAD - the CAD, or computer aided design, portion of the software is used to create wireframe geometry, surfaces, solids, etc., and this also includes the functions that are used to modify the geometry that is created.


Using CAM - BobCAD-CAM is capable of producing toolpaths and NC code for hundreds of mills, lathes, waterjet, laser, and plasma machines. Click the link listed to view the CAM Introduction.


Using BobART - the BobART add-on can turn raster images and wireframe geometry into beautiful pieces of art. Click the link listed to view the BobART Introduction.


More Help


If you have an active Internet connection, be sure to view the BobCAD-CAM Getting Started Videos.