How to Save Whole Emboss As Component/STL


This topic explains how to save an entire embossed model as a component/stl. This option saves the entire model, including the stock surface (see notes later in this topic), in a single .stl file. This file can then be used to create an Emboss from Component feature. Because the component is saved as an .stl file, it can be used as any other .stl file.


When you are ready to save an embossed model, use the following steps.



Save Whole Emboss As Component/STL

Step 1.    In the BobARTTabIcon.png BobART Tree, right-click MillingStockIconWhite.png Emboss Model, and click Save Whole Emboss As Component/STL.


Step 2.    In the STL Save Option dialog box, set the desired tolerance, and click OK.


TIP:   You can decrease the tolerance to create a more accurate model if necessary. However, decreasing the tolerance increases the size of the saved file, and it may not actually be necessary (meaning that it doesn't improve the machining of the part). The default tolerance is a good starting point. You can increase the tolerance (for example, to 0.001) to create a smaller file size without significant degradation to the model. You should experiment until you find the best result for your parts.


Step 3.    In the Save As dialog box, select the folder in which you want to save the file.


Step 4.    In the File Name box at the bottom of the dialog box, type the name of the file, for example, Acoustic Guitar.


Step 5.    To save the file, click Save.


The file can be used to create an Emboss from Component feature.


When you create a new feature using the component, you can scale the size of the model as needed (and much more).



Notes About the Stock Surface/Non-Emboss Area

The Remove Non-Emboss Area option is found in the Stock Parameters dialog box.










This concludes the tutorial.

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