How to Suppress/Unsuppress Emboss Features


New to BobART Pro for V25, you can now temporarily remove individual emboss features from an emboss model without the need to delete or recreate the feature. The Suppress/Unsuppress option allows you to compare alternate versions of a model. This can also be used to create alternate versions or individual parts of the same model by suppressing features and using Save Whole Emboss as Component/STL or Save Whole Emboss to BobART Surface (.bbas) File.


This topic explains the process so that you can apply the information to your own models.

Suppress One or More Features

For this example, a guitar model is created. There are two Emboss from Surface features (the pick guard and the truss rod cover) that are removed from the model. The process is as follows.





Step 1.    In the BobARTTabIcon.png BobART tree, right-click the top level of the feature, and click Suppress/Unsuppress.


(For this example, right-click EmbossFeatureIcon.png Emboss from Surface, and click Suppress/Unsuppress.)


This is repeated for a second Emboss from Surface feature.


Step 2.    To update the model, right-click EmbossModelIconRedX.png Emboss Model, and click Regenerate.


The features are removed from the model.





This is all that is needed to suppress emboss features.


Step 3.    To return the suppressed features to the model, repeat Steps 1 and 2.





Step 4.    You can suppress as many features as you want. You may want to create an individual part of the model to save as a component or .bbas file. For example, many features are suppressed to create just the guitar neck and head stock as shown in the following image.





To save the partial model to use with other models, right-click MillingStockIconWhite.png Emboss Model, and click Save Whole Emboss As Component/STL. This option saves the model as it appears in the Workspace.



This concludes the tutorial.

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