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CAM Programming Software

The Next Generation in Fully Integrated CAM Solutions

The new BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS™ Gold Partner CAM solution lets you program powerful toolpath operations for part models right inside of SOLIDWORKS™. Built as a SOLIDWORKS” plug-in product, BobCAM offers all of the benefits of a modular CAM product with an improved workflow and access to over 30 simple & advanced toolpaths that provide the efficiency needed to cut high quality parts quickly.

The New V5 Delivers:

  • Advanced Surfacing Options
  • Dynamic Machining Strategies™
  • Wizard Driven Interface
  • Realistic Simulation
  • G-Code Programming
  • Better Surfacing Toolpaths
  • Smarter Hole Making Capabilities
  • More Tool Types
  • Improved Simulation
  • New Mill Turn Module
  • New Art Module
  • Plus Much More!
Solutions For:
Mill  |  Mill Turn  |  Lathe  |  Router  |  Laser  |  Plasma  |  WaterJet  |  Art
BobCAD-CAM Customers include:
BobCAD-CAM Customers include NASA, Ford Motors, Lockheed Martin, General Electric, Harley Davidson

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