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Sorin Nenu Cad-Cam Software Trainer and TeacherAbout our BobCAD-CAM Trainer, Sorin Nenu

While growing up my dream was to become a Manufacturing Engineer. I had known that to be able to achieve my dream I needed to start serving a apprenticeship so at the age of 14, I started working at a factory learning machining after school. During that time I got exposed to various types of machining and processes. By the time I was 18 years old, I was done with learning my trade so I enrolled in College to continue my education. Two years later, I had to opportunity to come to US from my birth country of Romania and live here. I have made this wonderful place my home since 1975.
After arriving in NY I moved to Connecticut where I worked In a Tool and Die shop. During that time I accumulated enough time to get my Tool and Die Maker Journeyman card from the state of Connecticut. Several years later, I started to get interested in CNC machining and learned how to manually program NC machines. Being the type of person that I am, when the opportunity came for me to purchase a piece of software that will help me write my NC programs, I decided to get it.
Not owning a computer or knowing how to use one, I had to rely on the guy that wrote the software to tell me what I needed. At that time, a long lasting friendship has started between me and Bob Twaalfhoven, the person that wrote the software forever changed my life. Couple weeks later I started a business writing programs for shops around the town that I was living in.
Twenty seven years ago, I moved to Florida where I had several jobs in shops doing work for the aerospace and medical industry. My last job was working in the R&D department working for a division of Bristol-Myers Squib, the pharmaceutical company. During these times, I always tried to use Bobcad as the software of choice for me because the ease to use as well as my trust in it. It was and still easiest software to use and the results, dollar for dollar are unbelievable. During my tenure with Bristol-Myers Squibb, I became the recipient of a US patent that was transferred to the company and all the work done to develop that product, was done using Bobcad. At the same time I started my own machine shop manufacturing custom motorcycle parts, fire arms parts and for the past two years, true one of a kind custom parts for some extremely expensive muscle cars.
For the past 12 years, I also have been doing the training for BobCAD-CAM as an independent consultant. I am doing this because the passion that I have for this trade and the will of sharing it with my peers. Many people are asking me why I am still doing this and my answer is always “Because I want to share my knowledge, and to pass it on to whomever wants to learn”. Most people don’t have a clue of how much power this software has. My goal is to make you a believer and help you to get your job done better and faster so we can be competitive again.
I developed a system that will help you learn and have fun at the same time. My approach to this is to make my attendees feel comfortable with the software while challenging you to learn as much as you can, to be the best that you can be. Many people come to my classes not being machinists by trade and because I don’t try to intimidate them, by trying to use a easy going approach, we get them to get the same “bug” that most of us machinist have. During my classes any question goes if it regards machining because I don’t want to have people leaving without having their questions answered.
So why not attend one my classes and learn for yourself from someone that has made a living using this software for over 2 dozen years. Why not learn from someone that has raised two children using BobCad and still makes parts using it?
I’m looking forward to seeing you in my class.
Sorin Nenu
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