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Below you will find the latest BobCAD-CAM and BobCAM software updates.

Software Updates

BobCAD-CAM recommends that you update your software when an update is available. Software updates can include feature improvements and stability and performance fixes and enhancements. Be sure to read the release notes to see what fixes and enhancements have been made.

Latest Updates

BobCAD-CAM V27 Updates

12/03/2014 – Build 1547

BobCAD-CAM V26 Updates

09/26/2014 – Build 1482

04/30/2014 – Build 1335

12/02/2013 – Build 1182

BobCAD-CAM V25 Updates

05/30/2013 – Build 996

BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS® V4 Update

11/26/2014 – Build 1788


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How can I see if I am already using the latest build?
From within BobCAD software click on Help then About BobCAD, this will display the version number and build number.

Can I save the update to a disk and bring it to another computer?
Yes, to save the file to a disk download the file and then you can burn it to a CD or transfer the file VIA a network.

Will the update change any of my CAD or NC files?
No, the update will only affect BobCAD-CAM system files. The update will not affect your posts, cad files or other files that you have created or modified.

Can an update be undone?
Yes, if for some reason you need to “Roll-Back” this can be done by fully uninstalling the software then re-installing from your original download or disk.

How often do you provide updates?
There is not a set schedule however, we typically provide updates once every 3-4 months for the first year of software release. BobCAD-CAM only creates new updates for software versions in “Active Support”. Click here to read more about “Active Support”.

Will I need to re-register my software?
No, the update will not change the existing license on your computer.

Is the update a full version?
No, the update is not a full version of the software. You must first have the full version installed. To request a full download click here.