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Top Advantages of Surface Based Machining

Topics Covered

  • Surface Based Toolpaths vs. Other Toolpaths
  • Tool Control
  • Undercutting
  • Gouge Checking Strategies
  • Complex 3D Machining Advantages

How to Improve 3D Machining

Topics Covered

  • Overall system enhancements!
  • CAD enhancements like the new Spun Profile and Chain Filleting features!
  • CAM enhancements like the new Backplot feature!
  • Mill enhancements like the new Thread Milling capabilities and improved calculation speeds!
  • The all-new Lathe system!
  • Simulation enhancements like the new Smart View and Video Capture features!

All-New V29 Lathe System – See What’s New

Topics Covered

  • New Lathe Feature Types
  • Operation Enhancements
  • New Lathe Tool & Holder Definitions
  • And Much More!

An Introduction to Mill Turn

Topics Covered

  • Setting Up Your Mill Turn Machine
  • Loading Tools & Using Adaptors
  • Using Sub-Machines
  • Face Milling
  • Cross Milling

4 Toolpaths You Can Use to Improve CNC Production

Topics Covered

  • Speeding up production times with rest machining
  • Improving roughing times with adaptive control of the toolpath
  • Getting better surface finishes that require less polishing post-machining
  • Using one toolpath to put fillets on your parts

Get More Parts Out of Every Sheet

Topics Covered

  • Nesting Optimizers: Fast vs. Optimal Nesting
  • Remnant Sheets & Custom Sheet Shapes
  • Part-In-Part Nesting
  • CAM Wizards for Nesting
  • Filler Parts
  • Nesting with Tabs
  • Grain Direction for Wood and Metal Projects

5 Ways to Speed Up Everyday Milling & Drilling with CAD-CAM Software

Topics Covered

  • Part Inspection & Confirming Your Model
  • Dynamic Machining Strategies
  • Smart Hole Drilling, Tapping, & Threading Automation
  • Advanced Surfacing Toolpaths
  • Simulation – Gouge Checking & Error Detection

Top 5 Ways You Could Be Using Artistic CAD

Topics Covered

  • Turning Hand Drawn Sketches into Toolpath Programming
  • Applying Artistic Components to 3D Surfaces
  • Embossing 2D Artwork (Images, Logos, etc.)
  • Creating Composite Designs Using Individual Embossed Components
  • Engraving Text & Images

How to Improve CNC Production with Surface Based Toolpaths

Topics Covered

  • Surface based toolpaths vs. other toolpaths
  • New tool control
  • Undercutting
  • Gouge checking strategies
  • Benefits for complex 3D machining

Reducing Lathe Programming Time

Topics Covered

  • CAD Integration – How seamless CAD to CAM integration saves time.
  • Part Drawing – How to draw your turning parts in CAD.
  • Lathe Toolpaths – How lathe toolpaths can replace manual programming.
  • Calculations – How to compute difficult angle and radius calculations within CAM.

Increasing Revenue with Artistic CAD

Topics Covered

  • Importing a Customer Logo – How BobART vectorization can save you time.
  • 3D Embossing – How to quickly and easily transform 2D sketches into 3D artwork.
  • Importing PDFs – How importing PDFs can reduce your CAD drawing time.
  • V-Carve – How to transform a sketch into a 3D piece of art with the v-carve toolpath.

How BobCAD-CAM Can Improve Your 3D Machining

Topics Covered

  • Using Dynamic Machining Strategies™ to reduce programming & calculations times.
  • How Rest Machining can reduce machining time.
  • Achieving a better surface finish using Equidstant.
  • Using Angle Range to define and angle range for toolpath calculations.

New CAM Programming Power Inside of SOLIDWORKS™

Topics Covered

  • Ways the new Mill 3 Axis Professional package reduces machining time.
  • How to use the CAM wizards to reduce toolpath programming time.
  • How the new BobART module plugs into SOLIDWORKS™.
  • How to make a 3D model in BobART.


5 Easy Ways to Improve 3D Machining

Topics Covered

  • How to Reduce Programming & Calculation Times
  • How to Reduce Machining Times
  • How to Achieve Better Surface Finishes
  • How to Simplify Toolpath Calculations
  • How to Improve Machine Simulation


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