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NEW CAM Software for RHINO Free-Form Surfaces

BobCAM for RHINO V1 brings our best in class Toolpath and CAM software features to the Rhinoceros™ design software. Get better quality CAM software for lower prices with excellent support!

BobCAM for RHINO Top Features

CAM Features

BobCAD-CAM now offers probing cycles with the new Probing module! Everything in the machine shop is about precision, and because of this probing is becoming an indispensable part of machine shop. Being able to verify work and tool offsets with 100% accuracy, check tools for breakage, and even inspect finished parts can save and enormous amount of time and money, and now BobCAD-CAM has everything you need to bring your shop to the next level.

Contact Tool Setter
Non-Contact Tool Setter

Between these three operations there are a total 41 different cycles available that include:

  • Measuring Cycles
  • Contact Tool Setter Cycles
  • Non-Contact Tool Setter Cycle
  • Calibration Cycles are not included

BobCAD-CAM V33 is the first release ever to offer a way to bring MachiningCloud tool assembly exports directly into your BobCAD-CAM Tool Crib, or Tool Library. In the past, having an accurate tool to simulate, meant figuring out how to design it, then designing it, then going into your library to assign that newly created geometry to the proper tool. The same went for your tool holder and your arbor. Now that you can import MachiningCloud jobs, this all happens automatically. Finally, you can have the most accurate tool geometry possible for accurate gouge checking, and accurate simulation of your mill and lathe tools with none of the headache!

Lathe Tool Backplot
Lathe Tool Simulation
Mill Tool Backplot
Mill Tool Simulation

With the new Corner Slowdown option, you can cut your feedrate to specified percentage when you approach corners. When programming speeds and feeds many things need to be taken into consideration, especially ensuring the tool does not engage too much material at the same time since this can easily break a tool. When moving around a part, additional stock is always encountered in the corners.

Notice how much additional material this tool engages in the corner. While you want to remove material as quickly as possible, scenarios like this must be accounted for, and until now, that meant having to slow the speed on the rest of the path as well. Now, with the new Corner Slowdown feature, simply specify how close to get before the corner, and the percentage to slow the feedrate down to and you're done!
The toolpath is broken and the feedrate is dropped by the specified percentage.
This feature will even allow you to divide the specified distance into a number of segments so the feedrate gradually drops to the specified feedrate percentage! Now, you can finally set your speeds as fast as you can, and handle the corners just how you need them to be.
Supported Barrel Mill Tool Type:

For the first time, BobCAD-CAM now support Barrel Mills for most operations. More and more companies are turning to Barrel Mills. Cutting with Barrel Mills can save an unbelievable amount of time and money. Until now, we've had no way to support these tools in your operations, but after working hand in hand with Melin Tool Company to test and retest, we can give you a product that puts this amazing tool in your hands. See the diagram below to get an idea of why these tools are quickly becoming the standard.

Note: It's easy to see how these tool shapes can save so much time! You can program a barrel mill tool with a much deeper step down and still leave the desired cusp height. Two additional barrel mill types can be utilized with the Mill 4 Axis Pro surface based toolpaths.
*These tools are only available in Mill 4 Axis Pro.

In the world of machining, it's all about the chips, and chip control, and in this release BobCAD-CAM offers a chip break in all applicable Lathe operations. While there are a lot of top form geometry inserts designed to form chips that break themselves into the proper sizes automatically, a bird nest of unbroken chips can still be a headache in certain circumstances. With this simple chip break option, you can control the retract distance, and spacing between those retracts and ensure you get the chip size you're looking for every time!

Chip Break...

Chip Break...


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BobCAD-CAM Customer Success - Andy McConnell | CAM Forge
" What I love about BobCAD is that it allowed me to start from ground zero. They had excellent training and a lot of resources. It really took an intimidating subject and made it simple for me. "
Andy McConnell | CAM Forge
BobCAD-CAM Customer Success - Joshua Lee | JDA Customs
" BobCAD is a very good solution at an economical price. "
Joshua Lee | JDA Customs
BobCAD-CAM Customer Success - Rick Perbeck | Music Medic
" Been using BobCAD for 5 year, Best program ever invented! " "
Rick Perbeck | Music Medic
BobCAD-CAM Customer Success - Eric Ballew | Cannibal Industries
" A lot of other software looked very hard to use… When I saw BobCAD, I said ‘now this I can do.’ I am super happy with BobCAD-CAM! " "
Eric Ballew | Cannibal Industries