3D Advanced Roughing Toolpath in BobCAD’s Mill Professional CAM Software

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advanced rough toolpath in bobcad cam software
In this example, we will walk you through the top X options you want to know about for Advanced Roughing.
plunge rough in bobcad cnc software
Uncheck this option that’s found on the leads page. This will keep your tool from plunging into your stock.
For example, we have 2 holes on either side of our part. With this option checked, the tool will plunge into those pockets.
cam software plunge rough
With this option unchecked, the toolpath will avoid plunging into the holes.
tool not plunging into part in cam software
Intermediate Steps
When roughing with high-speed adaptive-style toolpaths, 2X diameter depth of cut (DOC) is common. Because of the more aggressive depth of cut or what BobCAD refers to as step-down, additional stock is left on the part.
tool roughing in bobcad cnc software
num. of intermediate steps function in bobcad cam softwareBy changing out Num. Of Intermediate Steps from 0 to 10, additional “step-ups” will be calculated to clean up this additional material.
tool crawling along part in cam software
roughing toolpath simulation in bobcad-cam
If we look at our stock, you can see that the toolpath is going all the way to the bottom. So, what’s left to hold onto?
depth options in bobcad cam software
Using BobCAD’s depth options, you can control what Z Level the toolpath creates by either the model surfaces, the stock geometry or both. The default value is set to both, which is why we see the toolpath to cut all of the stock in Z.
Let’s change this option to min./max. from machining surfaces (the surface and solids we selected for the machining feature).
machine surfaces in bobcad cnc software
You can see now the toolpath stops at the end of the selected geometry, leaving the stock below those surfaces unmachined.
unmachined areas covered with bobcad cad-cam software
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