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The New V34

V34 offers Improved CNC Manufacturing with More Toolpath Power and faster Speed to Market.
The NEW V34

More Functionality than Ever Before

Enhanced Usability and Toolpath Power

BobCAD CAM V34 provides you with new programming enhancements like CAM Tree features that reduce steps to avoid unnecessary clicks. And New CAD features that makes drawing easier. V34 delivers, so you can make it faster, in less steps with more toolpath power!
The NEW V34

Discover What’s New

From focusing on reducing the number of times you need to right-click, to more organization in the layer manager, to added tools to manage your work offset numbers, to new toolpaths for deburring your parts, every customer is going to find enhancements in the product that make programming feel more natural.

New Deburring
Break part edges on simple or complex shapes using a ball or lollipop cutter automatically.
New 3+2 Roughing
Rotate and rough automatically in 5 Axis using a single machining feature.
New Port Machining
Program complex 4/5 Axis tubes/ports with minimal effort.
New Multiblade
Program complex impellers / blisks with minimal effort.

Build Faster & Make More Money

V34 was updated to help you build components faster and more efficiently. This allows you to manufacture more accurately and expedite orders, which generates more income for your shop.

Faster 2D Machining

V34 detects open edges for advanced pockets and profiles automatically.

Easier work offset updates

Change/update your work offset number for multiple features at one time.

New Deburring Toolpath

Automatic edge breaking for 2D/3D, intersections/undercuts, or 4/5 Axis part features.

New CAM Tree Enhancements

Improved workflow for fewer mouse clicks. View edit, and post machining features faster.

Powerful Software. Say hello to V34.

Multiaxis Machining Updates

Take on more projects. Reduce programming / cycle time. Increase shop capabilities with the New BobCAD CAM V34.

Barrell Mills
Turn Milling
Multiaxis Machining
Port Machining
New Multiblade
Auto 3+ 2 Roughing

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You got this far, so just download and try it out on your computer. Once installed, you will be able to start or import a project and experiment with what you can do.

Real People, Real Results

“I’m impressed with the new deburring toolpath, how it breaks all my part edges with a single machining feature.”
-Advantage Plan Member Since 2017, Lars Mommer | R&D Machining

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Machine more parts, faster and easier, for less. BobCAD-CAM offers powerful and easy to use toolpath capabilities that help shops of all sizes improve production.
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