BobCAD-CAM Certifies Post Processing Technology with Fagor Automation USA

Posted March 8, 2012 3:56 pm   Published by    BobCAD-CAM

CAD/CAM Software Pioneer BobCAD-CAM visits Fagor Automation to Certify Machine Tool Post Processors so that Customers Get Best Results

Clearwater, Florida, March 8, 2012 ““ Historically, FAGOR AUTOMATION has focused their efforts on the machine-tool sector where they are one of the world leaders. Besides, their wide technical and sales network that is spread out in more than 50 countries through its own branch offices and distributors, they have great experience in the development and manufacturing of products for machine automation and control. They take pride in their ability to offer solutions tailored to the needs of their customers. It is partly due to this fact that BobCAD-CAM, a PC-Based CAD/CAM software provider recently paid a visit to Fagor Automation in a joint effort to certify the software’s capabilities with their CNC Controllers. “Our biggest goal is to be able to provide a higher level of support & service to our mutual customers and when Fagor customers spend money on a CNC machine and use BobCAD-CAM with it they do not have to spend time configuring post processors as it’s already done,” said Sean Owens, the Support Director for BobCAD-CAM.

BobCAD-CAM software is used to fully automate and control the process of creating toolpaths used for machining and for producing G-Code programs that are then sent to these machines, both milling and turning. Therefore a large part of the process is automatically creating a machine code in the specific language the machine will accept and execute. “Not all machines are the same, the programming can even vary slightly from model to model. Therefore, as a CAD/CAM company it’s extremely important to maintain close relationships with machine manufactures, distributors and controller companies such as Fagor Automations,” Owens added. A good percentage of BobCAD-CAM customers currently use Fagor machine tools to manufacture which is another reason why the software outfit decided to focus on this controller product.

Rich Parenti, Office Manager for Fagor Automation USA was quoted by saying, “As a control manufacturer, we are always looking for ways to make programming easier and more intuitive for the End Users. The demand for Advanced Cycles and Conversational programming on control systems is naturally giving way towards more Cad/Cam ready fabrication environments. With advances in Cad/Cam technology and more user friendly tools like the ones found in BobCAD-CAM software, our customers are experiencing greater successes and efficiencies regardless of complexity. This is a winning combination for all partners!”

Part of BobCAD-CAM’s overall service plan is to officially certify all of their software post processors which in turn will not only provide solutions for existing customers but will open the door for new business in 2012 moving forward. In addition to their exiting Post Processor Certification Program, BobCAD-CAM has also recently launched a Custom Scripting Service to take automating the CNC Machine/Post Processing to an even higher level. Owens explained the new service by saying, “In terms of posting, until recently we were limited to only the standard functionality offered within our software. This means we could only configure posts to work within the options provided by the software itself. Our development team has recently added the option for us to be able to write our own custom functionality into the software using Visual basic. What this means for our customers is we can now provide custom dialogs and functionality to our tool paths. This opens up a world of new possibilities for us and our customers, we can now customize our software to output special canned cycles and even add additional axis indexing controls. One of our post processor specialist can now work one-on-one with our customers to add functionality that was not before possible within BobCAD-CAM.”

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