BobCAD-CAM CNC Software Propels Machining Concepts Inc. To Great Heights

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BobCAD customers are always doing amazing things with their software and Jimmy Zukauska is living proof. He works for Machining Concepts Inc., located in Blaine, Minnesota. They are a smaller machine shop that does a lot of different prototype parts from various fields. Jobs range from medium to short-run production jobs. Jimmy says, “We use V31 3 Axis Pro in our shop to program 3 Axis Vertical Mills and 2 Axis Lathes. Hoping to get a 5 Axis Mill sometime. We work with common materials when machining, like steel, stainless, plastic and different grades of aluminum. As I mentioned before, we do a lot of jobs related to various fields.”
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parts machined with bobcad cnc softwareWhen asked what CAD-CAM project in particular stood out as significant to him, Jimmy replied, “Basically, any part that has pushed me to learn new features in BobCAD-CAM… It’s like the gift that keeps on giving. Just the other day, I had to look into undercut surfacing.” Curious, I asked him what led him to BobCAD-CAM and if we were the only CAM system he has had to learn on. Jimmy told me, “I initially learned on a very old & out-dated system. Switching from that to BobCAD’s CNC software was amazing. But, to be honest, I’m still happy I had to learn on the old system. It made you think more. You had to think about every move. With BobCAD, it’s FUN designing and programming (parts).”

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Moving further into our conversation, Jimmy began to tell me how our software has been influential in his process of becoming a knowledgeable & experienced machinist. “BobCAD-CAM made me a better machinist. I was able to do things I never could before. We have yet to turn down a job because we couldn’t program a complicated part. BobCAD has been great for our shop and has many features I love,” says Jimmy.
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As or time began to wind down, Jimmy had just one last thing to say for people that haven’t had a chance to experience BobCAD’s CAM software firsthand: “We have only had 1 other CAD-CAM system in our shop. BobCAD is the top-of-the-line in my opinion… I’ve been able to learn just about everything I need to know by watching BobCAD’s Youtube videos and joining online help groups (Facebook groups). Customer support has also been really great,” says Jimmy. What a strong testament to not only the wonderful things that BobCAD-CAM software can accomplish but also the hard work put in by everyone in our building.

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