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Tristar Stainless Art is a brand new company that has just opened up. Their goal is to bring out the natural beauty of stainless in all their work.

Tristar Stainless ArtTristar Stainless Art only uses stainless steel on all of our products. Tristar Stainless Art is very proud to have our artist Heather Brown, “Heather The Welder” manufacturing all of our brand new original unique products. Heather has been welding since 1991.

“Stainless steel has a natural beauty about it. It can be polished to shine and reflect light and images. It can also have a grain put on it. Stainless can turn different colors with different colored lights. Stainless can also have a 3D look to it with a grain finish. When you move, it changes”, says Heather when discussing artistry in Stainless.
plasma tableThey currently use BobCAD-CAM with a 2ft. x 2ft. Baileigh plasma cutting table. “I create God Bless America or We The People in a font that I choose using BobCAD program, then I have to explode it to make it the way that I wanted. After I get the words right, I simply send it to my jump drive, take that jump drive to my Baileigh plasma cutting table, plug it in and……walla!!”, says Heather about the process. They can powder coat items that are size 16″ x 23″ and smaller.

“I am so proud of the We The People and God Bless America signs that we finished”, said Heather. “It is so cool how I can copy a font into BobART, and then adjust it to be able to plasma cut it out”, she added.

The challenge was that they had to outsource the letter cutting, which was too costly for them. They needed to find a way to handle the production in-house and for less than they were having to pay. “I was paying a high price for water jet cutting to cut the words out for me. Now that I have BobCAD-CAM and Baileigh, I can do my projects from beginning to end all by myself. How cool is that!?” says Heather.
We the People by tristar stainless God Bless America by Tristar Stainless
In addition to the BobCAD-CAM system, they liked the BobART add-on and features such as Smart View (Rotation Cube), Update All Geometry (CAM Tree), Groups (CAM Tree), Toolpath & Simulation.

“BobCAD Technical support was there with me every step of the way. EVERY time I called them, they would return my phone call. I would get stuck on not knowing how to do something, and they would pull me out. Another great thing about BobCAD is BobCAD After Dark videos on YouTube.” said Heather. She continued, “I would like to thank Lisa, Michelle, Jim, Jessee, Andrew, Sean, Darren and anybody else that helped me along the way.”

Heather Brown | Tristar Stainless Art | | 770-325-1777

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