BobCAD-CAM V31 Mill Professional Toolpaths

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BobCAD-CAM’s V31 Mill Professional module is saving machinists time, steps and frustration. Here are a few of the toolpaths from our Mill Professional module in V31 & a short description of their purpose.
Pencil Trace Toolpath
The Pencil Trace toolpath is used to clean up the inside corners of your parts. You’ll find this toolpath as part of BobCAD’s Mill Professional software.

Equidistant Offset
This toolpath is a great catch-all strategy, providing an offset path to the surface area of your part. Great for detail work where you want complete converge of your machining surfaces. Used for semi-finishing and finishing applications.


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Advanced Z Level Finish
This toolpath is best used for the steep areas of your models. Also known as a water line or parallel-style toolpath.

Advanced Planar
This toolpath is best for targeting material found on the shallow areas of your models. It uses an angle range restriction to only target thosuser-definedin a user defined angle range.


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