BobCAD-CAM Version 25 is Officially Released

Posted May 22, 2012 5:24 pm   Published by    BobCAD-CAM

Clearwater, Florida, May 23, 2012 ““ As manufacturers seek to reduce waste, increase productivity and long term profitability, the race to develop CAD/CAM technology for CNC machining continues to play a major role in the speed manufacturers deliver products to market. The next time you look at your cell phone you might just wonder how it was made or more about why it was so affordable. For over 25 years BobCAD-CAM, Inc has focused on developing design and manufacturing software that small shops could afford, yet powerful enough to allow them to compete with larger shops that had deeper pockets for technology. “Leveling the manufacturing technology playing ground is what we specialize in,” commented Larry Pendleton, CEO of BobCAD-CAM when asked about his companies dedication to providing industry leading CAD/CAM solutions. Pendleton continued, “It’s no mystery that small to midsized job shops are a big part of this country’s economic backbone and is why we figured out how to make CAD/CAM technology accessible for these shops without compromising on CNC machining functionality to do so. Manufacturing regularly demands new ways to machine parts…So, we never stop developing.” With that noted, the latest BobCAD-CAM core software product for CNC milling is now available.

The new V25 software adds support for 64 bit computers which allots more computer memory for creating toolpath of higher complexity faster. In addition, all of the PRO level toolpaths are now multi-threaded meaning that results can be achieved faster as well. Single window simulation is now developed into the system interface allowing the operator to perform solid toolpath simulations better while displaying paths and the cutting tool along with many other special options.

New Design features include un-wrapping, a special feature preview so you can see what will happen before a feature is executed, spline geometry modification tools, new viewing and a stretch feature.
A new improved User Coordinate System provides faster setting up of an imported part that is positioned in the workspace. Basically the operator can simply select a face to setup the UCS.

New CAM machining functionality was developed into the system which starts with an all new Stock Wizard. “We have had huge demands from our customers to enhance the stock setup so that it’s not only easier to create stock but support irregular stock shapes as well and we finally have it,” said Greg Myers, BobCAD-CAM Development Director. A significant addition is the Adaptive Roughing toolpath operation that takes traditional methods to a new level. Adaptive roughing uses a trochoidal style cutting approach where the tool doesn’t make sharp turns that produce added wear on the cutting tool. The result is less wear on the cutting tool as well as less wear on the CNC machine. A more friendly and flexible Facing cycle was added along with a variety of other enhancements. The software also received a major overhaul in terms of its tool database. A massive material speed and feed library was included along with tool crib options, a tool holder library and machine definitions so that users can spend more time producing accurate toolpaths and less time figuring out speeds and feeds.

BobCAD-CAM also offers a series of special add-on modules to the core V25 system that includes CNC Lathe, Nesting and Artistic CAD/CAM.

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