CAD-CAM Cycle Time vs Surface Finish

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CAD-CAM software is used for streamlining and improving CNC machining and programming productivity. Every day a battle plays out in shops around the world. In some cases it’s the only topic that directly affects whether or not your parts are profitable or you just break even. Regardless of the complexity of the 3D jobs you manufacture.

Just for example, aftermarket automotive manufactures machine all kinds of parts out of billet aluminum, and with the right cutting strategy these parts can be real money makers. BobCAD-CAM v27 has added a new suite of professional 3D toolpaths that aim for reliable consistent toolpath results and ultimately, on time deliveries to customers!


3D CAD-CAM Machine Toolpath

As you know when it comes to 3D machining the common work flow is Rouging, Semi Finish and Finishing and as you guessed, the Finishing is what takes the longest amount of time and is what will cost you the most money. Manufacturers find a balance between cycle times and surface finishes, reaching that profitable point when using the BobCAD-CAM Mill Professional Advanced Roughing toolpaths pull off the profit on every job. This single roughing strategy combines a traditional Z level Rough cycle and a Z level finish cycle with a twist. Typical Z level finish cycles are not targeting left over material, where our Advanced Roughing operation is. Not only allowing you in many cases to rough and finish your parts with a single cutting strategy while at the same time eliminating unnecessary re-cutting of the areas of your parts that have already been machined. Basically adding REST machining into the operation.


Advanced Roughing Machine Toolpath

This powerful roughing strategy is in it’s 3rd generation for BobCAD-CAM core CNC programming CAD-CAM products and is the “go to strategy” to quickly Rough and Semi Finish parts in a single operation. This powerful 3D roughing toolpath is designed for the serious 3D machining job looking to save time and money when programing complex 3D surface and solid models. Your ability to reduce or eliminate unnecessary cutting, yet delivery a high quality surface finishes is just clicks away when using our Advanced Roughing. So where does cycle time come into the picture? Cycle times have everything to do with whether a job makes a dime. And so, machine shops are always looking at this. The BobCAD-CAM v27 Mill Professional software provides a unique High Speed Adaptive Roughing strategy that takes the hard stop and go, right and left turn tool collisions out of toolpath machining with their High Speed Trochoidal tool motion, constant tool engagement and deeper cutting potentials that reduce cycle times by as much as 50%! This high speed CNC machining advantage comes with a powerful production enhancing element for shops that use it.


2.5 Axis High Speed Machine Toolpath

High Speed machine toolpath strategies, also known as “Trochoidal” machining toolpaths provide the following advantages:

1. The controlled arc of engagement generates low cutting forces which enable high axial depths of cut. Multi-edged tools can be used which enable high table feeds with secure tool life. In other words, deeper cuts can be achieved easily.
2. The whole cutting edge length can be utilized ensuring that the heat and wear are uniform and spread out, leading to longer tool life.
3. There is a constant tool engagement, deeper cutting and NO stop and go.
4. High Speed toolpaths are excellent for slotting and pocketing when vibration is a problem.
5. Much higher speeds are used resulting in superior finishes due to a number of factors (reduced tool deflection, vibration/chatter etc.)while machine cycle times are vastly reduced. Shorter cycle times on jobs.

The BobCAD-CAM v27 CAD-CAM software can reduce cycle times and place your surface finish quality right where you need them to be in order to remain profitable and highly competitive in your markets.

Take a look a a few of the Advanced CNC Machining toolpaths that BobCAD-CAM v27 has to offer:


The 3D CAD Solid Model


Advanced 3D Roughing


Advanced Z-Level Finishing


Morph Between 2 Curves Toolpath


3D Planar Toolpath


Morph Between 2 Surfaces Toolpath


Advanced Z-Level Finish Toolpath


Z-Level Rough Toolpath

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