CAD-CAM Software – Dynamic Machining Strategies™ for 2 Axis CNC Machining

Posted October 23, 2013 4:35 pm   Published by    BobCAD-CAM

cad-cam-dynamic-machining-strategiesCAD-CAM software automates the CNC Machining process. New Dynamic Machining Strategies (DMS™) are used to streamline the programming phase by saving time and combining multiple machining operations to a single CAD feature. DMS functionality is available within a machining wizard interface that is designed to step the user through creating a NC program. 2 Axis parts often require pocketing toolpaths and profile finishing toolpaths to complete a CNC program. Traditionally, CAD-CAM technology utilizes a CAM Tree to manage machining operations and strategies in a way that keeps the machining sequences organized and controlled by the user. With this, machining strategies are chosen and loaded individually into the CAM Tree. This means that CAD geometries must be selected separately and assigned to each individual strategy regardless of the fact that some geometry will be used for more than one machining operation. As an example, pocketing geometry that is also used to assign profile finishing toolpath still has to be chosen separate to the pocketing. This adds time to the programming phase as the user must continuously select geometry as the strategies are loaded into the CAM Tree. This adds unnecessary time to programming even on simple 2D CNC machine jobs.

cad-cam-cnc-machiningDynamic Machining Strategies simplify the process and save time. DMS functionality is available through every CAM Machining Wizard and directs the user through the process of selecting CAD features for machining strategies to create toolpaths, edit tools and set up the parameters of each operation in the 2D strategy. DMS allows the user to choose a strategy (2 Axis, 3 Axis, etc.) and launch the machining wizard. Then select the CAD feature for the strategy and then load all of the required machining operations at one time for the selected CAD feature. Once this is done the wizard loads all the operations into the wizard tree automatically so that the user can set the parameters before leaving the wizard. Once again, streamlining CAM productivity and allowing toolpaths to be generated for machining faster and more efficiently that with traditional CAM.

Time is money in the CNC machining trade and CNC shops can benefit from DMS functionality as programming is simplified and machining can take place faster and smarter than before.

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