CAD-CAM Software Helps Copeland Racing Finish Faster in CNC Parts Manufacturing

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Chase Copeland who owns Copeland Race Cars & Fabrication is always looking for faster and more effective methods of programming parts on their CNC machines. They are primarily a chassis shop that builds and manufactures high horsepower drag cars for customers that have ran in the 1/4 mile in a little over 5 seconds at more than 280 mph. They have turned to using CAD-CAM software to meet their CNC production needs.

Copeland race cars“Bringing BobCAD-CAM software into the business has been great in the repeatability of parts and setup”, says Copeland.

The Copeland Race machine shop has a 40/20 Fadal CNC mill and a Harding Conquest 42 CNC lathe with bar feed that they use with the BobCAD-CAM software to manufacture motor plates, rear end mounting plates, aluminum body parts, tube adapters, bushings, and one off parts that are all used for the race cars they build and service.

“I haven’t had any issues so far, just the occasional small issue or question, but the BobCAD-CAM service staff has been a big help on any question or issue to help troubleshoot anything I have”, says Copeland regarding the software and customer service department.

Because of the fact that not every part is exactly the same, the shop needs to have the ability to change part designs on the fly sometimes. So, the need for a CAD-CAM system that would allow them to easily do this was very important.
“The ability to quickly change or alter a part on the fly has been a big help because sometimes a small change can make a big difference in the outcome of a part”, says Copeland on the fact that they love the features BobCAD-CAM provides to meet their needs.
Copeland part from bobcad-cam to dragsterCAD-CAM technology isn’t always easy to master. Many machine shops in the manufacturing industry are owned and operated where there is the added need of efficiency in the staff. Training can be an issue. of this, BobCAD-CAM offers a variety of training solutions including video training that can be watched anywhere at any time, in order to support the customers and ensure that they have an edge learning the features of the software.
“I am the programmer with a lot of production on my plate, and pretty much, I’m self taught learning from your training packages and trial and error. It’s been pretty easy to get up to speed this way”, adds Copeland.

Copeland race car parts made with BobCAD-CAMA big factor in CAM software is that it needs to think similar to the way a CNC programmer needs to carry out the tasks of the overall process. The BobCAD-CAM software does this, adds wizard driven machining operations and simulation so that the toolpaths and sequences of machining can be reviewed and verified to be exactly what the programmer at the machine tool needs. “The whole BobCAD-CAM process has been great, with no problem here. I have another cad program for my tubing Bender but nothing compared to BobCAD-CAM”, says Copeland.

Chase Copeland | Copeland Racing & Fabrication | 940-395-4198

BobCAD-CAM has provided CAD-CAM CNC software products to the global manufacturing industry for over 30 years. BobCAD-CAM software can be found to increase CNC productivity for many applications including educational and independent hobby home use. Products include machining technology for 2.5, 3, 4 & 5 axis CNC milling, routing, waterJet, plasma and laser machines as well as 2 axis CNC lathe. BobCAD-CAM also provides a variety of quality training products that include regional and online training classes or private sessions tailored to specific applications. Professional certification can be acquired as well as multi-tiered technical support solutions to their service customers.

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